J.T. Lewis, Photographer

Editorial Photography

J.T. Lewis can provide high quality professional editorial photography for newsapaper or magazines and trade publications and business/organization/non-profit group newsletters. After spending several years with the local papers in Ontario’s Niagara Region he has built up a good group of local contacts making it possible for him to get any job done. Quality photography delivered on time to meet the demands of your publishing deadline. J.T. Lewis’ professional editorial photography is perfect for your newspaper, magazine, emagazine or newsletter.

Corporate Photography

Develop your company’s corporate image through the photography of J.T. Lewis. It’s important for emerging public companies to present a professional image to possible investors and to the media. J.T. Lewis can help develop a professional look in photographing company executives on location and company activities. Also, companies need high quality photos of their products and services to show their clients. J.T. Lewis can provide professional product images shot on location to show your clients. Company events are important news too and J.T. Lewis can cover your corporate events, for example, openings or awards ceremonies, J.T. Lewis can photographically document your company’s special news.

Photography Tutoring

Whether you are just beginning or a working pro who needs someone to help fine tune some of your skills, J.T. Lewis is a professional in teaching the basics and the mechanics of photography including using your dslr, understanding lighting and composition and basic studio lighting. Whether you are a student photographer or a working pro who needs help fine tuning their skills, J.T. Lewis’ skill and professionalism can help you achieve your goals.

Website Development

With todays online services, not every one needs a custom built website, sometimes, you just need some help in developing a web presence with some online template sites. J.T. Lewis can research and present low budget solutions for your business/organization/non-profit group, help get them set up and running and continue support over time. Also, he can build small business websites with simple functionality for the average small business.

 Web Content Development

J.T. Lewis can help your business/organization/non-profit group in developing web content, including research and writing for the web as well as photography and digital imaging services. One of the secrets to having a good website is having organized, well written and accurate content. Generating this content can be difficult for some business owners, J.T. Lewis can develop your written and visual history for professional presentation.

Search Engine Optimization

Once your website is built, it is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is important to getting your website found. The developing stage of a website includes some important steps in SEO and if it is possible, J.T. Lewis can look at your site and make sure that the SEO at the development phase is done well. However, after the site is built and online, there are steps to take to insure that the site gets found by search engines. J.T. Lewis can take care of SEO needs to get the site into the basic search engines.